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    The universe is an enchantingly beautiful place. I recognized this early in life, and since childhood have endeavored to capture its beauty
in myriad forms. The tools of my trade gradually evolved from paper and pencil, to paint and
canvas, and finally camera and lens.
    I delight in chasing light as it dances
through the world around me, illuminating rich colors and contours. Nature photography is among my favorites, but more specifically, it is astrophotography that provides me the greatest enjoyment. There is something about pointing a lens to the sky, catching a glimpse into the vastness of the universe and light that has been hurtling through space for millions of years, that feels a bit like staring into eternity. Though still an amateur astrophotographer, I have been slowly cultivating this skill and necessary resources over many years, and hope to someday be able to call myself more than just an amateur. Additionally, I someday hope to build an enormous dobsonian telescope for staring out into this eternity... maybe like this guy's.
    I also love hiking, rock climbing, leather working, playing paino, archery, painting, sewing, kayaking and canoeing, stinky French cheese, and have started learning to sail.

It's some fish in Honolulu Harbor. Awesome, I know. Sorry it's a little anticlimactic, but this is where it all started.

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